3. Self Defence

Master Gregory Hart has used his 25+ years in martial arts to devise a self defense seminar which will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of self defense. This seminar can be run as one 3 1/2 hour course or done in 4 x 1hr classes. These can be booked with Master Hart in whatever format suits the available time.

by Gregory Hart, 7th Dan Master in Combat Tang Soo Do and South African National Team Member.
This seminar will include many aspects of self defence and protecting yourself including:

Awareness in self defence
Practical tips
Responsibility for self defence
Don’t be a victim
Coping with attacks
Starting with a talk on self defence and awareness – your best defence is your mind and your attitude. What we want you to leave with is an attitude and awareness about how to defend yourself and practical techniques you can apply.

Allow me to start by saying that this is an introduction to the art of defending the self, put simply this short course will teach you that you can make a difference and need not fall victim to an attack. We would like to stress, however, that it important that you look at a long term and more involved discipline that provides continuous training and revision. Your life is precious and you cannot put a price on how important it is to take care and protect yourself. We teach and practice several martial arts at our Centre. Perhaps you can look at this as an option for your long term training as well as getting fit and strong. Many people spend lots of money and time protecting their property and cars from criminals, and don’t take the time or spend the money to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Please contact me should you like more information in this regard I will be happy to assist you and your family. Note that this kind of training is not only for males it is equally important for females and youngsters. At our Centre we start training kiddies from 4 years old.

I would like to quote an extract from a book by Lynsey de Paul, a British self-defence author and instructor. Lynsey has done extensive research into self defence particularly involving women.

“The American Justice Department, of which the FBI is part, carried out a survey over a 10 year period, of 1.5 million rape cases. The conclusions reached contradicted all previous assumptions. Researchers found that the injuries sustained by women who fought back were no different from those that did not. It is a myth that the risk of injury, be it mutilation or even death, was increased by resistance. IT WAS ALSO FOUND THAT WOMEN WHO USED SOME FORM OF SELF DEFENCE DOUBLED THEIR CHANCES OF ESCAPE.”

People often ask me, “Can women really defend themselves against an attacker?” Let me tell you with conviction YES YES YES! Not with just luck on your side, not just by surprise, not just by increased awareness – a woman with some knowledge of self defence can actually disable her attacker and protect herself

There are usually more women than men at this kind of seminar as it is assumed and expected that men know how to ward off an attacker. The truth of the matter is that aggression and the will to take on someone is in fact a poor substitute for proper training. A well-trained individual will always, always prevail over an amateur. He\she is superior in knowledge as well as skill and has a mental edge brought about by training. Men need to know what to do in case of an attack just as much as ladies do. Lets be honest it can be difficult and tough protecting oneself from harm let alone protecting ones loved ones. This seminar will teach you how to do this – you need to practice and stay mentally alert and aware. Practice, practice, practice, regularly and diligently and have fun with this stuff, you need to, it may save your life one day.

Those of you who have had some martial arts training may get this a lot faster, and maybe some of you have already seen or used some of these techniques. You need to practice these, whether you know them or not. Practice will enable you to make the techniques super effective. Concentrate on the set up and correct body positioning. It is vitally important to absorb the concept, not just the move.

Its important that you appreciate and understand the next point. These techniques do work, don’t even attempt to tell us that they do not, we know they do! Do exactly what you are being shown to do, do not try to interpret for yourself what we want – just do the move exactly as it is shown. Work out for yourself afterwards why it works and how you might make it more effective. Be positive today and you will be surprised at what you can do. Ask your instructor for help and watch him carefully, when he talks be quiet, remember he cannot do this for you; you have to practice these techniques for yourself. Pay attention to details, sometimes it is only a small correction that can make a big difference to your efficiency.

Enjoy your training, be inspired and empowered!

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