4. Pilates and Fitball

Developed in the 1920s by physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates.

An educational and exercise system which uses the proper body mechanics, movements, core and pelvic stabilization, coordinated breathing, and muscle contractions to promote strengthening. Attention is paid to the entire musculoskeletal system, especially correct postural alignment.

The aim is to improve flexibility and strength and to create a balance in the body. It leads to physical and mental relaxation.

Particularly effective for back and posture problems.

Is part of all modern sports training because of its focus on core strength and is very compatible with the sport you are already training. Pilates is particularly useful for increased flexibility and stability.

Pilates is an exercise regimen that elongates and strengthens the muscles. By correcting posture, Pilates can strengthen your body against future injuries.

Get strong, fit, slim & healthy! Pilates corrects your posture. Yoga strengthens your back.

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