6. Kickboxing

Tang Soo Do like many other traditional martial arts has had a huge influence on the modern competitive sport of kickboxing. Many of the tournaments that our athletes compete in are multi-style events where Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Kickboxing, Karate etc. All compete together in semi contact, points sparring and light contact, continuous fighting. So in addition to these kickboxing / martial arts fighting divisions Tang Soo Do athletes also compete in empty hand forms / patterns divisions as well as weapons forms /patterns divisions sometimes against Karate kata or Taekwondo poomse. This means that a large part of Tang Soo Do training will be similar to kickboxing training with lots of kicking basics against bags, focus paddles and body shields as well as boxing drills for jabs, crosses, hooks and upper cuts. Then there will be the additional training involving traditional forms, self defence moves like grappling and escape from grasps /holds as well as the weapons training in practical (e.g. Knife /short stick) and traditional (e.g. long staff / sword) weapons.

Tang Soo Do instructor, Master Gregory Hart’s classes offer fun, fitness workouts of Martial Arts moves, boxing basics and kickboxing kicks.

In terms of getting into shape, Tang Soo Do has a large cardiovascular element with the heart rate kept at the optimum fat burning level for a full 40 minutes. We do stretching at warmup and cool down to improve joint mobility and overall flexibility.

Problem areas like bums and stomachs are targeted with specific routines. In the 1 1/2 hour class a full half hour is devoted to warm up stretches for flexibility and fitness exercises for cardio and isometric strength training through push ups, sit-ups and squats etc. This means that Tang Soo Do is an excellent fitness / weight loss exercise which promotes longevity, flexibility and strength while also working out the mind, improving concentration, self discipline, self control and mental dexterity.


Tang Soo Do dojangs affiliate to SAKA (South African Kickboxing Association) which belongs to WAKO and take part in their tournaments.