2016 Highlights

Free State Champs medal winners
Katso's side kick
Tang Soo Do 3
Kyo Sa Jenna's Up Chagi
Brothers sparring
Side kick to the ribs, ouch
Katso's Haedong Kumdo stance.
Kyo Sa Jenna doing bong (staff) form
Cho Dan Bo Ewan doing sword
Cho Dan Bo Ewan doing sword
Cho Dan Bo Tamzin, Junior Student of the Year
Cho Dan Bo Pippa Leathem, most improved Junior 2016
More medals for CDB Katso
Kyo Sa Natalie Duligal's side kick
Kyo Sa Annelise Coetzee had a great 2016
Kyo Sa Wes doing us proud
Best Junior Student 2016 Tamzin Coetzee
Bo Kyo Sa Christiana was in fine form in 2016
Some medal winners from Arnold Classic 2016
National Colours for Bo Kyo Sa Geoff in 2016
Student of the year 2016: Kyo Sa Jenna Little